• “Think global education services” acts merely as a connection between the tutors and the parents / students. Even though we take all necessary steps to do a thorough screening,
  • “Think global education services” does not take any responsibility regarding the moral behavior or personal conduct of parents / students towards the tutor and vice versa.
  • “Think global education services” is not involved in any kind of interactions that takes place between the tutors and students, and hence is not liable for any dispute or disagreement or misinterpretations or arguments arising between the parents / students and the tutors. The parents / students and the tutors are however free to take feedback and suggestions from us to solve the issue amicably.
  • “Think global education services” will take all reasonable precautions to provide accurate details of the tutors but will not be liable for inaccurate information provided by Tutors.
  • “Think global education services” makes no guarantee that the services provided through this website will guarantee success in any examination or test that you take.
  • “Think global education services” reserves the right to cancel a tuition or provide another tutor at any given time to the students / parents without giving any justification or prior
    notice to the tutor.
  • All information that is provided to us and is uploaded on this Website is accepted in good faith and we accept no responsibility whatsoever regarding the bona fides thereof.
  • We do not warrant that this Website or any of the websites linked to the Website be free of any operational hazards or errors nor that it will be free of any virus or/and worm or/and any other harmful components.

Terms and conditions for parents

  • “Think global education services” provides services once you have gone through our web site and the Terms and conditions and want to avail the service from us.
  • “Think global education services” will arrange for a Demo Class with the Tutor and the said Demo class will be at free of cost for 30mins only.
  • After the Demo class if you satisfied with the Tutor, then you can choose the said Tutor for your tuition requirement. Please note that the selection of the Tutor is purely of your choice, and “Think global education services” will not suggest/force you to choose a particular Tutor.
    • After the Demo class, You must have to take minimum 10 hours classes with same tutors if you proceed with regular classes.
  • In consideration of the tuition provided by the tutor to your child, you agree to pay a predefined fees to the “Think global education services”.
  • You need to pay the fees/Charges directly to the “Think global education services” and pay the fees/charges well in advance (minimum 10 hours) to “Think global education services”. Failure of payment in advance, classes will be put on hold or cancelled.
  • You are restrained from directly negotiating with the Tutor with regard to the fees/money/schedule/etc for the said assignment.
  • “Think global education services” does not share tutor personal details due to privacy issue.
  • “Think global education services” will not hold any responsibility for the physical mishandling or any harassment including Sexual Harassment etc., during assignment or any other time by the Tutor.
  • You understand that, to the extent possible, “Think global education services” will facilitate finding a tutor that best suit your child’s requirement but it does not guarantee any success of any kind in any examination or test that your child may undertake.
  • You understand that for the tutoring services you are liable to pay taxes as applicable.
  • You understand that the final decision to choose a particular tutor for your child is yours and yours alone. You explicitly agree to indemnify “Think global education services” from any harm that may be caused by any advertent or inadvertent actions of the tutor.
  • If you dislike the services offered by the current tutor, kindly care to inform “Think global education services” at the earliest. We can find a replacement after minimum agreement with current tutor assignment.
  • “Think global education services” does not refund of advance payment under any circumstances.
  • “Think global education services” reserve full right to cancel service at any time in case student is not regular or does not show up or cancel class or argument with teacher or any change in schedule or any request for fees change or etc.
  • “Think global education services” does not guarantee tutor or tuition quality, as it’s a very subjective matter and depends on student to student.
  • “Think global education services” does not provide class re-scheduling except medical emergency. “Think global education services” will re-schedule class based on teacher
    availability but does not guarantee of specific time window for this.
  • Any concerns or issues of payment, class duration, no of classes, etc need to report immediately (within 48 hours of occurrence) via email (query@thinkglobaledu.com) to us, team will respond on or before 24 hours.
  • In case of reparative classes (more than one class in 8 weeks) are cancelled / re-scheduled due to internet connectivity or any other technical issue, class will charged.
  • Tutors are made available as per the service hours of the program, though you might not always get a tutoring session due to the following reasons:
    • Cancellation
    • The cancellation reason should be informed 24 hours in advance by the parent/guardian of the student, else class will be charged.
    • Any cancellation of the session after the second one in a month will be fully chargeable
    • The student can, however, inform the “Think global education services” to cancel classes in case of emergencies.
    • If student does not take classes more than 2 weeks, “Think global education services” reserve full right to cancel student classes further and no refund on such
    • In case student does not come for class without any prior notice (24 hours in advance), Class will be fully charged and “Think global education services” reserve full right to cancel further service.

Terms and conditions for tutor

  • You understand and agree that “Think global education services” will deduct its commission (plus applicable taxes, if any) from the payment received by parent / student.
  • As a tutor, you understand to follow with all applicable laws, exercise of professional competence, care, skill, diligence and prudence as is usually exercised by professionals.
  • You Know and agree that the relationship between “Think global education services” and Tutor. You will not be considered as an employer and employee relation.
  • You be aware of that the final decision to select a particular student for tuition is yours and yours alone.
  • You have to arrange demo class within 24 hours of receiving details of Tuition. If this does not happen due to any reason, you have to inform us immediately.
  • The tutor profile must contain with Tutor’s latest Photograph, latest updated Resume, present residing address and valid personal Mobile number, Email ID. The Tutor warrant that
    his/her E-mail, Mobile Number and contact details are valid.
  • “Think global education services” reserves all the rights to change all or any of these above mentioned Terms and Conditions with or without giving any prior notice at any time.
  • If tutor does not take classes more than 1 week or not reachable, “Think global education services” hold all rights to cancel student classes with tutor without any intimacy.
  • If tutor dis-continue classes in between session for student, “Think global education services” will not make any payment for classes taken that student.
  • Do not share your contact details such as mobile no, whatsapp, email id to student or parents under any circumstance
  • You must keep skype chat as well as online class history for 6 months for validating online class date & duration. In case of missing skype history, you must agree with student’s class
  • In case of violation of “Think global education services” term and condition, Classes will be terminated with immediate effect and no payment for such case. Legal and appropriate
    action will be taken as per company policy.