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What is SAT?

The SAT is a standardized test that assesses students’ Math, English reading, and writing abilities in preparation for undergraduate studies abroad. The test is intended to assist colleges in benchmarking the academic potential of applicants from various educational systems around the world on a single standardized platform. The SAT exam is entirely paper-based, with 1600 points distributed equally between Mathematics (800) and English reading and writing (800). The Essay is an optional component that is scored in addition to the 1600 points. SAT exam preparation using online platforms like ThinkGlobalEdu can help you crack it easily and pass with flying colours. At Think Global Education Services, Educator will design a personalized course based on your needs and wants. After an initial diagnostic assessment of strengths and weaknesses, Educator will work with you to design an individualized study plan that makes the most of the time frame that you specify and the score that you need.

Let’s learn more about SAT exam preparation and SAT English, SAT Verbal, SAT Quant, SAT Maths too.

SAT Test Fee

The SAT (with written essay) costs approximately $106 (INR 7142) for Indian applicants, and the SAT without the essay costs approximately $94 (INR 7142). (INR 6334).

SAT Form

The new SAT format is divided into two major sections. The Math test is divided into two sections: a 55-minute section that allows the use of a calculator and a 25-minute section that does not. The Evidence Based Reading and Writing test is also divided into two sections: a 65-minute reading section and a 35-minute language and writing section. The new questions and information allow students to be tested on in-depth content analysis and evidence-based reasoning rather than just a broad range of general information.

How is the SAT Organized?

The SAT consists of four sections, one of which is an optional essay (recommended for international test-takers), and three of which are mandatory.

1)     Reading

The reading section contains questions based on reading passages, with 10 – 11 questions for each passage. There are a total of five of them, and the length of the passages varies.

  • Writing and Language

SAT English – The writing section consists of four passages, each of which is accompanied by ten to eleven questions. A candidate is expected to identify errors, remark/highlight sentences with better alternatives, and so on. The primary focus in SAT English exam is on the use and understanding of grammar.

Essay Writing: The SAT curriculum does not define the essay that must be written. It is also not graded by a computer or machine, but rather by two examiners who each assign a score between 0 and 6. However, you only have 25 minutes to express your point of view.

Grammar Practice: The writing section also assesses your knowledge and comprehension of words and their applications. Finding errors in sentences, Improving or correcting sentences, and Improving or correcting paragraphs are the main questions you may encounter in the writing section.

  • Mathematics

SAT Maths -The SAT Math section will be divided into three parts: Algebra and functions (25 minutes), Geometry Statistics (20 minutes), and Probability and Data Analysis (20 minutes). Aside from that, the syllabus covers the meaning, median, and mode, ratios, direct and indirect variation, and so on. Probability, combination, and permutation questions are available to aspirants. Candidates will be given an overall time limit of 80 minutes in which to attempt 57 questions.

4. Essay (Optional)

Essays are completely optional questions, but this essay section will assess the candidate’s comprehension skills. This task has a time limit of 50 minutes and is intended to assess your understanding of the given data/case as well as the quality of your writing. The essay should be between 650 and 700 words long, and the candidate should take a stand on the issue at hand.

TGES Expertise on SAT

Talking about the TGES expertise on SAT, you can start preparing for your SAT exam through them as they understand individual student needs and requirements. Their teaching methodology is based on filling the knowledge gap and the study content is modified accordingly. Their personal tips from experienced educators helps to build concepts in such a way that cracking these exams becomes easier. So, if you’re wondering how TGES can help you get the best grade in SAT, you must visit the website and enrol now!

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