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Our Founder

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB

Nidhi is a strong believer of mentorship and help students to achieve their best in academy.

She is a Post Graduate from the IIT Roorkee with a Master of science in Chemistry and NET qualified. After graduation, she has worked as research fellow at IIT Roorkee. Nidhi started her career working with premier coaching institute, and followed by lectureship at college level.

After pursuing career in education field, she started focusing her passion that is providing education to every student and be entrepreneur. Nidhi is highly experienced in international curriculum teaching for more than decade.

She believes that every student is different and attempts to tailor her teaching approach to maximize their learning and potential. Over the years, she has listened to many troubled parents as a friend and has been able to relieve part of their stress through her knowledge of the curriculum and teaching experience.

Online Tutoring (Classes) Approach

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB

Have you ever wondered that inspite of knowing all the book's concept, why your child is not able to perform well and to achieve a good score in exams?

We understand
  • Best online tuition class siteWe understand the student needs and gap!
  • Best online tuition class siteWe understand every student individual needs, weak points and strength.
  • Best online tuition class siteKnowing what is relevant for the student and working accordingly to improve weak points and to make strong point more stronger, are the two most important steps for preventing gaps in student's knowledge
  • Best online tuition class siteOur structure and content is modified according to student needs.
  • Best online tuition class siteOur educators tackle this problem by first structuring information to make it easier to take in and then repeating all the information you need.
  • Best online tuition class siteOut educators also include personal tips & tricks to help you retain the contents
  • Best online tuition class siteClose the gap between having and using knowledge!
  • Best online tuition class siteDepending on how student apply it, he/she can use the same amount of effort to score higher marks in an exam
  • Best online tuition class siteOur teaching methods have equal emphasis in concept building as well as application of that concept, as this is the area where most of the students are weak

Why choose us?

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB
  • Best online tuition class siteWe are unique - At Think Global Education Services, no two classess are similiar. Every class is tailor made to suit student requirement
  • Best online tuition class siteApproach - Special attention to doubts of students and making sure that they understand the basic concepts
  • Best online tuition class siteVast experience - Think Global Education Services provides regular course, crash course to students in the International curriculum
  • Best online tuition class siteQuality educator - A proven track record of providing highly qualified tutors to meet all students' needs
  • Best online tuition class siteResult orientation - Result oriented and dedicated faculty well equipped with knowledge regarding the subjects
  • Best online tuition class siteExcellent Worksheet - Materials prepared by the Think Global Education Services for the students to practice and absorb is very crucial
  • Best online tuition class siteTo learn ahead - Parents want their children to go beyond their current syllabus level to stretch their learning abilities
  • Best online tuition class siteFeedback - Parents are regularly informed about their child's progress and performance

Our Educator

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB
  • Best online tuition class siteOur faculties are dedicated in helping children to perform best in school. We are sensitive and flexible in our approach to teach and offer a programme designed to meet student exact needs.
  • Best online tuition class siteThe Think Global Education Services prides itself on the quality of its tutors. The Think Global Education Services has a strict tutor recruitment procedure to maintain the high standard of the tutors it provides.
  • Best online tuition class siteThe Think Global Education Services recruits highly qualified faculty in each subject who have extensive teaching experience and are exposed to international curriculum. The tutors we hire are post-graduates who have had a very successful tutoring track record. Majority of our tutors have qualifications such as PhD's, MSc's.
  • Best online tuition class siteWe ask tutors to demonstrate not only their expertise, but also their explanatory and inter-personal skills. We continuously evaluate our tutors' performance to make sure that our students are satisfied with their teaching.

Think Global Education Services: Online Tuition

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB

Our Visions

To become a pioneer in education services for international curriculum across the world.

To unveil students' full potential to achieve their best!!!

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB

Our Mission

To deliver quality education to each and every student and to ensure his or her success.

To demystify international curriculum implementation for students.

Best online tuition class for SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, IGCSE, IB

Our Objectives

To improve child's academic performance in term of better grades, foundation and excellent skills.

Helps not only to understand concept but also its implementation.

Our Values

Think Global Education Services pride ourselves in understanding your child and, by making our teaching relevant and inspiring, we can help your child achieve.

  • Best online tuition class siteHigh quality, individualised, one-to-one tuition.
  • Best online tuition class siteMotivational, inspiring and relevant
  • Best online tuition class siteCollaborative working. Achieving Together
  • Best online tuition class siteDrive excellence

Quality Policy

Best online tuition class siteThink Global Education Services are committed to excel in training children on the concepts & its implementation and to work with parents to help them meet their goals.