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We are an online tutoring service with a dedicated team of experienced tutors from around the world. We emphasize self-discovery and focus on transformational and independent learning.

Our teaching methods are custom-designed for the specific needs of our students. We offer 1-on-1 online classes for international curricula such as IB DP | IB MYP | A/AS-Level | IGCSE | AP | SAT | ACT | Edexcel | AQA | OCR. The system consists of a interactive whiteboard and other multimedia tools. This enables students in virtual classrooms to write, speak, draw or discuss lessons.

We’re passionate about education as a means of understanding our world, which in turn propels our motivation to teach.

Our Founder

Nidhi is a strong believer in mentorship and helps students to achieve their best in the academy.

She is a Post Graduate from the IIT Roorkee with a Master of Science in Chemistry and NET qualified. After graduation, she has worked as a research fellow at IIT Roorkee. Nidhi started her career working with a premier coaching institute and followed by a lectureship at the college level.

After pursuing a career in the education field, she started focusing her passion that is providing education to every student and be an entrepreneur. Nidhi is highly experienced in international curricula teaching for more than a decade.

She believes that every student is different and attempts to tailor her teaching approach to maximize their learning and potential.

Nidhi founder

Online Tutoring Classes Approach

Best online one2one classes for International curricula IB CIE AP SAT

Have you ever wondered that in spite of knowing all the book’s concepts, why your child is not able to perform well and to achieve a good score in exams?

We understand
  • We understand the student’s needs, gaps, weak points, and strengths.
  • Knowing what is relevant for the student and working accordingly to improve weak points and to make the strong points stronger.
  • Our structure and content is modified according to student needs.
  • Our educators tackle this problem by first structuring information to make it easier to take in and then repeating all the information you need.
  • Close the gap between having and using knowledge!
  • Our teaching methods have an equal emphasis on concept building as well as application of that concept.

Our Educator

  • Our faculties are dedicated in helping children to perform best in school.
  • We are sensitive and flexible in our approach to teach and offer a program designed to meet student exact needs.
  • We pride itself on the quality of its tutors and have a strict tutor recruitment procedure to maintain the high standard of the tutors it provides.
  • We recruit highly qualified faculty in each subject who have extensive teaching experience and are exposed to international curricula.
  • Faculty we hire are minimum post-graduates who have a very successful teaching track record. Majority of our tutors have qualifications such as PhD’s, MSc’s.
Online classes | Online tuition | IB DP | IB MYP | A/AS-Level | IGCSE | AP | SAT | ACT | Edexcel | AQA | OCR
Online classes | Online tuition | IB DP | IB MYP | A/AS-Level | IGCSE | AP | SAT | ACT | Edexcel | AQA | OCR


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